EDGE Gay/Lesbian News App Comentários

I can’t share!

I loved this app at first, but for over a month now I press the envelope to share on Facebook, and it does nothing. Nothing at all. I love your articles, I just wish I could share them. Sad.


You used to offer the option to post articals on other sites. I posted to Facebook regularly. Very frustrating that this option is no longer offered.


App loads far too slowly. Content is okay.

iPhone 10 issue?

Just noticed the window only takes up about half of the screen now. Is this an issue with the iPhone 10?

Too Many Ratings Begging

Love the app. Hate the prompting for ratings.

Good app.

This is a good app and keeps up to date on the issues. The only drawback is that the articles aren’t able to be shared to other social media groups. If it had a share ability it would get 5 stars.

Great News source !

I check this site on my phone daily! Love the concise articles! I love the app as well, always improving on it!

A good source of LGBTQ news

Easy to keep up with information not readily obtained elsewhere.

Now will not load

The app will not load, no way to contact dev about issue. A good app when it works. Update in response to dev, I have always updated my app and still have had this issue. Also this issue has occurred over 2 iPhone 6's and 1 iPhone 6+.

Doesn't work

Says initializing at startup and never starts.

Crashes when opening

It keeps crashing when I try to open the app.

Just work with Internet connexion

The magazine is amazing, but this app isn't it, because somethings: 1- it doesn't work without Internet connexion, even when you download the magazine to read later; 2- every time you are reading an article and open a new app, like an email that just pop up, you need to find the article again, because the app always restart when a new app is open. Sometimes find the same article in the list is too much complicate.

Awesome content, stylish design - better than ever!

This app effortlessly deserves 4 stars for being stylish in design and delivering awesome content. And now it deserves a 5th star as well because you can download news and features for reading even when you don’t have a network connection (such as on the subway underground or in airplane mode). Before such trips, I just download the sections I like and then my commute is both more interesting and I’m better informed. Bravo to the developers who made something really, really good even better.

News story order constantly jumble around as next page loads

I've noticed that when I'm scrolling down to load the next page the stories get all jumbled up out of order and the old stories get mixed with the new. It's very difficult to try and keep track of which stories are new and which are ones I've already read when the order constantly jumbles around the page. Is this a known bug? It's happened on my old and new iPhone.


You took out the news...

Bye, Felicia

Takes forever to load, crashes frequently and now won't load more than one image per gallery.

Great, but...

I've gotten used to the long load time, but why do some articles stay on the list for over 6 months?

Much better!

This version is much improved over the last version. Only bug I've seen so far is one duplicate headline that showed up. Overall the app is much better at retrieving headlines than before. Congrats on a good release!

App Keeps Crashing

I just recently downloaded it onto my iPod again after deleting it because I didn't have enough space. The app itself is awesome and really easy to navigate, but when I attempt to open it, it loads for usually around 3 seconds and just crashes. Please fix this. I miss my Edge articles.

The recent update has made the app useless

The recent update has rendered the app totally useless, it rashes repeatedly and will not load past the "initialising" screen before crashing.

Upgrade = Lousy

The upgrade ruined it, as usual. Takes too long to load. Lousy. Crashes. Doesn't work. Waste of time. Shambles. A shame.

Does not download latest issues.

I have a current subscription, but the app does not show any issues after April, 2014. There is no one to write to in order to complain. Help!

Continues to crash

This app continues to crash and close stories while I am in the middle of reading them. So annoying. I just want my gay news. Is that too much to ask for?

Doesn't work

Won't even open. Stuck on the opening screen

Not up to par

This is not what I thought it was going to be. - Notifications work, but the app icons don't work. - Apostrophes are all mumbo jumbo text. Thought I was getting a clean, and well designed app. Just doesn't meet that in my opinion.

What the heck??

I hate how whenever you tap on an article and then you tap "back" to go read more articles, you get shot back to the top and have to scroll back down all the way and wait for it to load so I can be where u were. This is so annoying, I just close the app and forget about the articles it's not worth it like what the heck??

Update stinks

Since the update the digital magazine won't load, it's slower than molasses and errors out.

Horrible app and no updates

Great news pieces if you can get the app to load. The last time I tried to load it timed at 13 mins then crashed and locked up my ipad. Owner of the app has never issued an updated to fix the bugs... App is just a waste of space and not worth the download.

Sub-Par App Gone Subscription

Nope, not worth the money unless you live in one of the three cities of focus.

Pretty good.

The in-app browser doesn't work for me. I always have to open it in safari. I also miss the different color headings for when you had read an article. Now it's much harder to tell where I left off. I hope they bring some sort of indication back because it's really annoying now. I like the new look for the loaf of articles though.

Can't comment!?

I enjoy reading the articles, most of which are things I wouldn't hear about otherwise. But I really hate that I can't comment on the articles. If I click the comment button-the app closes itself off. Haven't shared any articles lately but used to try and I couldn't because sharing the article would not share the article, it would share the news main page.


This app is great when it works. It's the only app on my phone that fails to open on a regular basis. It does everything from freezing to dropping out and returning to home screen. Wish it were more dependable.


App freezes every time while just trying to scroll the news feed.

Love it but..

I love this but sometimes they need to do some proper editing and check sources. The only problem with the app its-self I have is that it keeps crashing when I try to leave a comment on the page.


Great app, I enjoy it!


Great app! I really enjoy the content. Thank you for making it available. I do wish it would load faster though!

Good content, bad app

Edge has good content if you are willing to spend a long time "initializing" and "connecting, which no other news app has to do on my fast connection. It's also impossible to register to make comments, because as soon as you make the first entry, the dialog box flies away, and you can't get it back. It has potential, but it isn't really ready for prime time. Good content, nice design, frustrating, slow, and defective.

Not perfect, but it's my quick Go-To source :)

I love the information I gain from reading these articles. It really keeps me up to date with stories, events, etc. that I feel I should know about! There are only a few downsides. One is that I tend to find grammatical errors more often than I should when it comes to reading what I hope to be a reputable journalistic source. It also crashes here & there, but I can deal with that (most apps & technology have annoying little bugs that you just have to deal with). And sometimes I feel like the app goes days without publishing a new article, but then out of nowhere... 10+ will appear. Overall though, this is my quick "go-to" app to inform me on the things I want & need to know. That's why I still give Edge 4 Stars :)

Good source of LGBT news

Occasional stories I wonder how they're LGBT related, stereotyping? Otherwise a helpful source.

Love it

I get caught up on events with notifications

Nicely done

Easy to navigate, loads quickly. Categories make it easy to finds what news I'm looking for. Shares easily with Facebook. I don't use all the features so I can't give yah a 5. Sorry boys and girls


The subscription is totally worth it! So if ur thinking of subscribing, do so!


This app always crashes. They need improvements!

Awesome app!

I have enjoyed this app since day one and appreciate all of the time and effort that goes into maintaining its quality. Great app!!! KY

Very informative

Good articles of interest for GLBT communities. Some articles could stand being more impartial and unbiased but overall very useful.

Great app! Keep it up!

Great app! Keep it up!

Good job!

Thank you!

Gay news Current & informative

Interesting articles and good graphics and photos On topics related to the gay community. I recommend it.


after latest update the app now crashes when i click to write a commet won't update stories as of August 4th for my ipod touch. Last Update time remains the same as well.

Really great

Helps me keep up with all thing important to gay society.

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